Ultranatura Schnappi Vole Pincer Trap Incl. Tension Leaves

  • Easy handling for effective pest control, lightweight
  • The open position means that the trap is easily visible from the outside
  • Serrated gripper arms for double-sided use, high impact clamping device
  • A robust pincer trap made of high-quality steel, corrosion protection with galvanized surfaces
  • Robust construction with approx. 1 – 1.5 mm thick aluminium

Ultranatura Schnappi Vole Pincer Trap Incl. Tension Leaves

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Voles – uninvited guests in the garden
Voles, also known as water voles or water rats, live in the ground and often dig wide-ranging tunnel systems. Their love of tender roots and bulbs mean that they can cause significant damage in ornamental and kitchen gardens. The rodent’s underground tunnels also disturb the surface of the lawn. A vole infestation is recognisable from the characteristic piles of earth in the garden. Similar to a mole, the vole also makes little piles of earth when digging. However, compared to those of a mole, the vole’s piles are lower and less symmetrical. As well as this, the exit is to the side instead of the middle. This differentiation is important, as the mole is protected in Germany and can therefore only be driven away, not controlled.


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